• Who We Are

      Leadership & Key People

      Joseph M. Collard

      Chief Technology Officer

      Combining more than 10 years of enterprise architecture and full-stack development experience with an extensive background in deep learning neural networks, natural language processing, and regression & clustering algorithms, Joe successfully delivers end-to-end solutions that leverage artificial intelligence to transform the way companies use data.


      Experience includes:

      Development, Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence
      at Los Alamos National Lab, Sandia National Laboratories, Frito-Lay, and Facebook

      Dr. Thomas F. Lorenc

      Chief Data Scientist

      An expert in the field of artificial intelligence with an extensive background developing machine learning algorithms. Tom uses his PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to apply mathematical and scientific principles to all his solutions.


      Experience includes:

      Bear Stearns, JP Morgan, and co-founder of numerous startups, including The Orchard (acquired by Sony Music) and Grey Jean Technologies (acquired by Walmart)

      Richard C. Ferro

      Head of Insurance Solutions

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      Thomas F. Geiger

      Head of Product & Partner Integrations

      A veteran product development consultant, Tom’s extensive career includes leading large, multi-year projects for Fortune 100 companies and high-tech firms. Tom transforms product ideas into successful projects while aligning financial implications, marketing needs, and strategic business objectives.


      Experience includes:

      Moody’s Analytic, VP of Business Systems, Banking & Financial Grp | Accenture, VP of Business Systems Integration


      Aetna, Bank of America, The Depository Trust and
      Clearing Corp., The Hartford, Liberty Mutual, MassMutual

      Walter J. Kawecki, III

      Founder & CEO


      As Founder and CEO of VoterLabs, Inc. and Axilient, Inc., Walter has led the creation and launch of data powered technology that brings microtargeting and audience profiling capabilities to businesses, nonprofits, and political organizations.


      Before VoterLabs, Walter spent over 15 years as a political consultant, specializing in microtargeting and messaging. Walter has worked with hundreds of candidates and organizations – including several U.S. Presidential campaigns – developing and deploying new approaches to microtargeting and messaging, and deploying new strategies for engagement and turnout.


      Walter also holds 4 patents encompassing offline identity resolution for digital communications, and machine learning for population modeling & microtargeting.

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