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    Speed into your future with Velocity by Axilient.

    Each customer has a unique story. Let Velocity turn your customer data into a colorful narrative that drives business strategy and improves your bottom line. Our advanced technology removes the noise and brings together data from across your enterprise to build a verified customer database. Using proprietary sources and algorithms, Velocity enriches your customer information with thousands of data points to unlock its true potential. Our analytics solution is driven by machine learning and neural networks that process and continuously learn about your customers, turning your one-dimensional data into stories that provide actionable insights.

    Velocity transforms your data into customers. During the data transformation process, Velocity uses us an automated program that is powered by artificial intelligence to consolidate and cleanse your data. Consolidating data in a usable format that is critical to matching and verifying your customers.

    Velocity takes your customers online. Data onboarding is a multifaceted process that matches a customer to a verified person from our online sources. The verification process cross-references your customer’s data against multiple data points to provide the greatest chance of a match with a highest degree of certainty.

    Velocity writes each customer’s individual story. Each verified record is enriched using our curated data dictionaries to build a unique story about each customer. Velocity’s algorithms use a combination of demographics, activities, opinions, and interests to build a comprehensive psychographic profile for each customer.

    Velocity builds a narrative about your customer base. Machine learning is used to perform cluster analysis against your data to find patterns and structures to segment your customers based on individual behaviors. Neural networks are used to continuously analyze and enhance your customer segments based on real-time information.

    Velocity drives your business strategy with actionable insights. Tailoring the inputs to our algorithms based on your business, Velocity builds predictive models that provide you with deep insights that can drive your business strategy.
    Engineered to integrate seamlessly across your enterprise, Velocity is a scalable analytics solution that starts adding value from day one. Intelligent algorithms and machine learning transform your data into actionable insights to drive your business strategy.


    Start growing your bottom line today with Velocity.

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